Book 2 -19-

[Answers, Not Excuses II]


Like many recent events unfolding around my pack, I had no clue what this word meant. It could be a first or last name. Heck, who knew if it wasn’t a location or some sort of code used by Owen and his abhorrent cronies for their secret language?

Sometimes I wish the solutions I sought were as fortuitous as the problems themselves. There I go again with my wishful thinking. Nothing could ever be easy or simple, could it?


I launched the internet browser and typed in the name. They weren’t kidding when they called it the World Wide Web. A bunch of things I doubt had any meaning came up in the search, along with a few names. “Crap, crap, and more crap.” I would ask again, why couldn’t anything ever be easy?

My subconscious urged me to take a break, as the search was obviously getting me nowhere. That couldn’t be any closer to the truth. This search was indeed going nowhere. Frankly, when nothing else among the pile screamed importance, I s
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