Chapter 83

When I looked in front of me, I saw a tall woman with coal black hair, fair skin, and dark brown eyes. She was wearing a long, black form-fitting gown with a plunging V neckline. She stepped forward, approaching me, “Well hello. What a handsome specimen of a man.” Queen Winnie put her hand on her hip, “Cool down, lady. He is taken.” Luna Abby replied, “He is my grandson-in-law. He is my granddaughter’s true mate. My granddaughter was severely injured by the rogues that you are continuing to send to us.” I stepped forward, “Aja, I’m very sorry we didn’t approach your coven with an evacuation option. My beautiful mate is laying in the hospital right now, recovering from having a huge chunk taken out of her side. The remaining hunters are growing in numbers again, because we have been too busy fighting rogues to eliminate them. They are now searching house to house for me and my mate. They had already caught us once and we escaped. We are having a very hard time dealing with both threats

I apologize for the long chapter. I got on a roll and couldn't find a good stopping point. I do hope you liked this chapter though. As always, I would love to read your comments.

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Erica R Smith
Love the longer chapters. Great chapter!!!

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