I stand there, looking dazed at this dude, in utter disbelief from what I had just heard.

I knew it! He doesn’t like me.

I frown now, dropping my courtesy.


“Oh my, I apologize if that came out rudely.”

“He’s your friend, right? Shouldn’t you know where he is? Better still, why don’t you go ask his girlfriend where he is?”

“Elena holds little importance to him at the moment, sadly. You’ve already done well in kicking her down from that position.”

“I didn’t wish for that to happen.” I scowl.

“Well, it already has whether you wished for it or not, and the political relationship is almost at its end.”

Wow, Xena wasn’t joking about his lowkey obsession with duties and what not.

“Then, advise your friend to focus on his relationship. I don’t understand why you’re blaming me for what’s going on between Elena and Silas.”

He chuckles lowly, tilting down to my height.

“Do you think he likes you?” The switch from a smile to a frown is instant.

I’m taken aback by his question. It’s clear,
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