After Adam’s confession, I had remained mostly speechless as life continued to spin way out of the course I had imagined.

I still am speechless in that aspect, unable to give him an answer. I know for a fact that I don’t reciprocate his feelings, however.

I’m still heavily infatuated with Silas, though that’s not going on very well, and I still have no plans of being in a relationship… but he’s a very good friend.

He has stuck by during the bad times and is okay with me still having feelings for Silas, and just wanting to be around me while I heal. He wants to be seen as an option if ever one is needed.

But I don’t think I can ever see him as anything other than that, and my biggest fear is him realizing that and just giving up on me.

I have already lost enough from the little I had… I didn’t want to lose anymore. I wanted some sort of win… and I guess him sticking around would do us both good.


Yet, I can’t swallow the guilt that rises up in my throat every single
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goodnovel comment avatar
Ewww she’s nasty!!
goodnovel comment avatar
Melissa Nance-Kurtz
Little plot development is really carrying on too long. Either Freya and Silas are no more, or he grows a set and matures.
goodnovel comment avatar
Stardust Wendy
Aww, I really wish it was that simple too.

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