Working with the group had been surprisingly stress free through the rest of the week with not that much drama as I had expected.

Just occasional glares from Elena and Silas, of course mostly keeping to himself and the best part is; we are more than halfway done.

For the reason to get over with it once and for all, I stood right before the full length mirror in the room, getting dressed on a Saturday.

I settle for an off white long sleeved crop top with a simple sunflower design on the front, light blue shorts and a pair of white converse. I look simple enough…

Or is the crop top too much?

I fiddle with the ends, feeling a little bit unsure to let part of my belly show because of my weight.

Compared to weeks ago, I had gained a considerable amount of flesh. Though I’m still nowhere close to how I was before the incident, and my bruises had long faded.

I have reached a level in this journey with my body where I can stare at it for hours and not hate it anymore, feeling
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