Chapter 8

“What are these?” Lily opened the file to see, ‘Party B agrees to the following conditions put forward by Party A,’ and below it was about 20-25 points.

“Conditions to help you.”

“Marry Party A?” Lily read the first point aloud. “You must be kidding me. Why will I marry you?”

“Because of many reasons,” Nik said in confidence. “To revenge Drake Denholm, for clothes, for a house, for food, and for many more needs.” He said patting on the table with his long fingers.

“Sorry, I can’t do that. What are the other conditions?” She ran her index fingers under the second condition, ‘Must follow Party A’s plan for revenge.’ After reading that, Lily remembered the question that she thought hard about the whole way, “Why do you want to help me?”

Lily noticed the change in Niklaus’ expression. A corner of his mouth quirked up and the slight smirk on his lips made her hair stand. “I am not helping you. I am making an agreement with you.”

“Agreement?” She looked at the file in her hand. “Fine,
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Edwards Kibs
So interesting
goodnovel comment avatar
Phyllis Phillips
Nik likes her. Lily is upset and trying to decide what to do. Lily you should sent the fool back his ring. Nik has written what he wants and now it's up to you. Girl before signing maybe you should state what you want too.

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