Chapter 89

Lily tried to open her eyes. Her head was throbbing and the glaring sunrays weren't allowing her to open her eyes.

"Do you see those marks on her neck?"

"She must have enjoyed it."

She felt someone pinch her neck and she groaned in pain. "Where am I?" she glanced around with her dizzy eyes. "Who are you?" she winced in pain. She tried to catch her head but her hands and legs were tired.

Lily closed her eyes tightly. She felt her head was about to blast and being around some random guys was making her frightened.

"Hello, Mr. Cooper!"

Lily immediately opened her eyes and looked in the direction of the sound. Seeing a person in a suit speaking over the phone, she shouted, "Nik! Nik!"

"Lily?! What do you guys want?" Nik growled from the other side.

"Death! Do you want to die or shall we kill your wife?"

"What? Are you mad? Who are you?" Nik didn't understand what the kidnapper was saying. He, Kai and Hannah have been waiting for the call from someone after seeing Lily being taken away
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