"I love to roll it!"

"Roll it!"

"Could these women just shut up!" I wailed inside. They're just making noise with their voices. I guess they might have noticed I felt lonely and that's why they stood by my door trying to make me come out, but it wouldn't work.

"Oh, this hot dog is great! Have a taste Mirabelle darling…guess someone is missing…".

"Bang!!!" I opened my door wildly, interrupting the lines, and they gazed at me mischievously.

"Alright, you guys won!" I mellowed, gesticulating my hands at them.

"How are you, dear?" Jessica questioned walking inside without my permission? This was getting out of hand already.

"The hot dog?" I asked too and Mirabelle walked to inside. With the way they acted, it seemed they were up to something.

"What's up?" I pressed on as they sat on my cushion. Jessica cleared her throat while Mirabelle clenched her teeth together.

"We just want to check on you, right?" She began while Mirabelle stared at her with uncertainty. Something was definitely wro
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