Chapter 44


"So tell me how you met Alpha Caleb?" Luna Emma asked Anya, and Anya’s cheek started to turn a shade of pink.

The Lunas were sharing how they met their Alphas so Anya, Katarina, and I could hear the stories from them before their Alphas could exaggerate them to their favor, as Luna Clair said. Katarina has also shared how she and Alpha Lucas started, and now it was Anya’s turn.

Anya glanced at the Alphas’ table for a quick second before she opened her mouth to speak. "I belong to this pack, so this is where I met him. Weeks before I turned eighteen, I ran out of the packhouse by the kitchen exit because I was so angry with Basti. That's Gamma Sebastian, my brother. So I didn’t notice there was a car moving on the packhouse grounds, and the next thing I knew, I was rolling on the ground."

"Oh my Goddess, did he hit you?" Luna Andrea asked, her eyes rounding.

"No. I saw the car just in the nick of time, so I jumped out... and rolled myself over. And then Alpha Caleb came out
Cassandra M

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great story!
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I really hope so too asante ... doesn't feel right her not being here when we know she is there ... I really hope he tells the others about her x
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Christina Joanne
Is there a place where I can read kallen and Emma’s story?

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