Chapter 51


I was sitting comfortably on a single couch in Katarina’s room reading a book I saw on one of the shelves when I smelled my father’s scent. My eyes darted to Katarina. She was sitting in front of the vanity mirror and putting something on her face.

I raised my hands up, waving at her, hoping she would see my reflection in the mirror, but she wasn’t paying any attention at all. In the end, I grabbed the throw pillow I was leaning on and threw it her way. It hit her back, making her gasp in surprise.

"Ouch!" She grunted, turning her head to look at me, her eyes narrowing.

I then pointed to the door and a realization hit her.

"Don’t do that again, it’s not funny." She said while returning her attention back to the mirror.

"Fine. I’ll stay away and just sit here."

"You should go to your room and sleep."

"I thought I’ll be sleeping here."

"You think you can hit two nights in a row? Give me some rest." She rolled her eyes playfully and was trying to stifle her laughter.

Cassandra M

Only one for today. I had a dentist appointment this morning and got tempted to go around the city - I live in the countryside (almost North of Sweden) so I usually take my time when I'm there. How about you, lovelies? Where are you from?  ♡ PS: Tomorrow's chapter will be intense, but lovely! So hang in there... Thank you for all the gems and comments. Please keep them coming!  We're still #1 on the GEM New Books Ranking! ♡ 

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Born in the Dominican Republic but raised in NY. Now live in New Jersey.
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I'm from Puerto Rico, and recently moved to Connecticut. Hoped you enjoy your outing. Great chapter BTW.
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Amoy Clarke
Jamaican born, now lives in Georgia U.S.

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