Epilogue 1 - Stealing The Heart of My Alpha

Ten Years after the Alpha and Luna Ceremony.


My hands smoothed over Amara’s hair as I carefully fixed her long blonde hair into a high ponytail. I was sitting on a vanity chair with my eight-year-old princess on my lap and my four-year-old little boy playing on the floor just beside where my feet were.

We had a few guests coming over to discuss the business plans that we were about to embark on at the Black Shadow Pack territory. This has been Clair’s dream, and with the help of our Alphas, it would soon become a reality.

Clair had always wanted to build a school for werewolves within their territory so that the pups of their pack would never have to travel far just to get a formal education. When Caspian, Riley, and Aeon heard of the plans, they immediately wanted to go for it.

The reason: their daughters.

They desired a safe environment for their daughters to attend school, as well as the freedom to develop their full potential without having to hide their identities.

So the
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goodnovel comment avatar
Jace is or will be an alpha so would amara go to his pack and her brother take the pack
goodnovel comment avatar
Such an amazing book!!!
goodnovel comment avatar
I'm sure at the end of He's my Alpha, Cass did say who the kids were mated to. I'm pretty sure Jace and Amara are mates.

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