17. Spanked beyond mention.

Cold sweat ran down my face as my nerves throbbed within my head almost as if sending me a quick death.

Kristrin's going to skin me alive! What the hell was I thinking?!

"What the fuck did you do?!" Steff yelled picking up the call after the third try "Why the hell would you decide to go out on a date with Sebastian are you completely diabolical?!"

Ohh big words....

"How do you know?"

"Everyone knows! We all saw the video of you guys kissing and exchanging expensive gifts!"

"First of all we never kissed and second of all we never exchanged any gift he did that and could you please stop yelling!"

"Ok tinker bell just know one thing, your gonna meet up on very pissed off Kristrin and am not sure if your gonna make it out alive because I can guarantee you Sebastian won't" then added "All those years of protecting you gone to waste" he sighed.

"You know what? It's my life and I can do whatever I want with it so fuck Kristrin he can't just tell me what to do with my life!" I yelled angril
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