Chapter 15 : Maria Tries To Escape.


The small window didn’t allow for much light, but it was enough for Maria. Not like she had a choice. She’d gotten used to it.

The sun was beginning to show signs of going down, which meant that her food would be delivered soon. She couldn’t wait; she was starving.

With the way she was anticipating the food, one would think it was a good meal. They wouldn’t know that she was being fed crumbs that barely filled half her stomach. But she couldn’t complain, could she?

She was lucky that she was getting food in the first place. Ariti’s prisoners weren’t usually fed.

But then again, Ariti was a monster. She wasn’t quite sure if her captor was too. She didn’t know what to make of him yet.

Of course the reason for her hesitancy was due to his reaction to her hand being chopped off. It spoke volumes that he had arranged for the torture—had ordered it. Yet, called it off the moment the blade made contact with her skin.

She couldn’t decide if that was because he had other plans for her or
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