Chapter 6

Sofia’s POV

My heart was hammering hard against the insides of my chest and my rib cages, my pulse rate has spiked high up to the level of me feeling it vibrating fast on my throat. I shivered slightly as fear started to crept into my veins once again and stubbly leaned back when Luca’s fingers started to slow trail over my robe covered arm. To my surprise– and in the very next second, horror, Luca pulled his fingers away from my arm almost immediately. My eyes widened in horror as I realized what I just did and I held my breath fearfully, my whole body going numb as I waited on the slap that was surely going to hit me any second from now.

A few seconds passed, and… nothing.

I blinked a few times and turned my head around and– locked eyes with Luca. He was staring at me the same way he had been staring at me since the start of my wedding, there was nothing standing out about his facial expression. I silently prayed he wasn’t already thinking up different ways in which he cou
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Manka Malya
I like the story so far, don't drag it out too much
goodnovel comment avatar
Talking bout a lot of nothing and it’s tha sixth chapter we get it she scared but damn six chapters of retarded and scared don’t make this book good get on wit it

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