Chapter 8

Sofia’s POV

I slowly ascended the row of stairs and paused three stairs to the final landing on seeing two men standing there. I stared confusingly at them, wondering what it was that they were looking for. My eyes zeroed in on their weapons strapped on their similar attire as I brushed my hair out of my face.

Oh, Luca’s guards. But Luca wasn’t home… or was he?

“Good morning, ma’am.” They both echoed at the same time and in sync, bowed their heads down a little. My mouth widened and I shook my head immediately with a wave of my hand.

“No, no… are you sure I am the one you actually want to speak with?” I asked in confusion.

“Yes, Ma’am. We were ordered here by Mr Ricci and starting from this moment, the both of us are officially your two bodyguards.” One of the two men responded immediately and I breathed out a small sigh, of course I was going to be assigned body guards immediately who were going to monitor every bit of my life starting from this moment, like they said.

“Don’t ad
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