Chapter 317

Luca’s POV

It was a little bit after noon when I finally left the house, Sofia hadn’t been happy that I was leaving tne house when it was obvious that I still needed more rest, and had pouted at me as I got ready for work, although I wasn’t going to be reaching the office at all for the whole of today. I had cooed at her and pressed a small kiss to the side of her lips when she had stood on the bed to give me a hug.

I had embraced her and held her against me for long moments, as I remembered ehst I said last night in bed, right before I had fallen asleep. I had meant everywhere word, I really wasn’t sure of how I was going to act or react if she got kidnapped, all I was sure was that s lot of blood was most definitely going to flow it that ever happens.

My driver was already here and he drove me straight to the condo where Armani was at. I had gotten alerted when he had finally awoken, but had decided against calling him because I wanted him to get enough rest as possible.

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