His Purchased Wife

His Purchased Wife

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You may k.i.s.s the bride," the priest announced and my body shuddered in resistance as the words I told him two days ago rang in my ears. I won't even spit on your face let alone marry you, Liam Knight. His eyes were shining in triumph, clearly stating that once again he won. He smirked cruelly, taunting me without words how he forced me to do exactly what I said I would never do even if he begged me. He didn't beg, on the contrary, he forced me to marry him. He took a step forward, raised my chin, I fisted my hand tightly at the sides when he placed his unworthy lips on mine. Disgusted with his touch but I tolerated it for the sake of my father who was at his mercy at this moment. He pulled away from my lips with the same rule smile intact on his face, "I made you mine, Babygirl and I can't wait for us to be alone!" He said darkly. My breath hitched looking at the darkness in his eyes. If I would have been the old Aurora I would be scared but not anymore. I might have bowed down my pride for my father but if he was looking for a submissive wife, he sure was not going to get one!

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"You have no idea how much I love you, my soul. You don't know the pain I went through in your absence.""As if I was in any better condition my darling. I missed the warmth of your arms every day. The memories of the time we spent together in each other's arms were the only thing which kept me alive in those long winter nights." Aurora looked at the person sitting beside her and stood up with lightning speed. Eww! I am not going to mimic their s*x scene with you, Em!"She scrunched her lips to one side and glanced at Aurora's body. "If only you had been a man. Lucky you, I am straight," Emily said, waving her hand evasively and switching the television off with the remote. "And who said I would have been interested in you if I were a man?" Aurora asked. Emily gave her an unimpressed look. "Fudge you!" Emily said as nowadays she was trying not to use curse words because when she went to meet her parents in the town her mother hated her colourful language. "Not interested!" Aurora
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Aurora sat on the chair with a thump in anger. Her friends glanced her way, both stopped their chatting or whatever they were doing on their phones."What got into your pants? Why this red face? Did you just have a quickie into the corner with some hot man?" Emily asked, whistling.Aurora glared at her in anger. "No, A man just called me a fool."She gasped, her eyes as wide as saucers. "Wait what? Right! Did I hear you, right girl?" Emily mocked Aurora in her thick voice and then let out a sharp laugh that screeched her ears. "If you don't stop laughing I promise I will kill you with this...this," Aurora tried searching for something to scare her off and found nothing but a plastic fork and knife. Aurora picked the knife in her hand and pointed it at Emily, "With this knife."Emily roared in laughter. "You… and kill someone, Aurora," she shook her head laughing. "Give me a break! You can't even kill a fly let alone me. So cut the crap and put this deadly weapon down." She mocked, r
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"Our world is based on traditions which we can't break. The rules are still the same, Liam. If you want my chair then you have to get married." Liam Knight clenched and unclenched his hand on the paperweight trying to control the rage busting inside him while listening to his father, the current Don of Vancouver crime family. His hands itched, to kill someone, anyone, His anger was perking up with every word his father was saying. If it had been anyone else instead of him, Liam would have killed him by using the same paperweight he was clutching to calm his rage. But he reminded himself that the man was his boss and father. Liam knight might be a twisted man but even he had certain limits. He respected the man sitting in front of him, he was his father after all. It's just that he didn't like what his father was suggesting. "You will turn thirty this year. Time is slipping Liam. Find the girl or let me find one for you?" Liam eyed his father. "You found one for yourself, she en
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Chapter 4.The next day when Aurora went to the restaurant but Gabriel was not available. She was disappointed and decided to go there the next day. Once again she was out of luck and couldn't meet him. It was the fifth day she met him or the right words would be bumped into him again. A small smile broke on her lips. She was happy to see him but he was not. She wanted to say so many things to him but he didn't let her speak."I am sorry, miss high and mighty and I apologise if I ruin your dress again," he said, taunting her.Aurora bit her lip from inside but she remained silent, letting him vent out his anger. "Please tell me how much I need to pay you for…" he kept saying but there was a limit to Aurora's tolerance."Enough! Okay, I get it I was wrong that day but that doesn't mean you will insult me whenever you see me," she snapped at him."Look..." "No, you look! I… I have been coming here for the past five days to apologise to you. I get it. I was rude that day but now you
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Chapter 5.Only if words could define her but that would be an insult to her beauty. She was perfect. Her shining blonde hair, blue eyes, sharp chin and that small nose made her look like the angel from the heavens. Liam Knight didn't believe in Angels, heaven or hell. But seeing her, he could turn into a believer. The girl had everything Liam liked, curves, beautiful curves in all the right places. His hands twitched to touch that soft glossy skin. His throat swelled in need. It's not like he had not seen a beautiful woman, he had but on her, Liam felt the need to lay his claim on her.Maybe marriage with her will not be a bad option. Liam tilted his head, his current mistress was clinging to his hand. He went closer to her ear and whispered: "you see that girl, Grace?" Grace followed Liam's gaze and nodded. "Yes, sir.""Good, her name is Aurora, go and start a conversation with her, respectfully. Compliment her about her beauty or whatever you girls do and then call me to join
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"Don't speak too loud, Susan. It freaking hurts!" Aurora whined, clutching her head to soothe the pain."Serve you right, who asked you to get drunk when you can't handle liquor."Aurora cried in pain. "It angered me when he denied for the third time."Susan sighed in irritation as well. "Yes, I know. I don't think he is going to agree to our offer anytime soon, Aurora. He has thought of himself as a God since he received that award," she said, handing Aurora a glass of orange juice and medicine to ease the pain."Let's go home, there is nothing left here anymore, Where is Emily?" Aurora asked, swallowing the pills in one go. Susan gestured to her room. "She blamed herself like always."Aurora twisted her lips to one side, pouting in regret over her one more failing attempt. "I won't break my promise to her, Susie. We will open our jewellery chain even if I have to…""Relax, don't get hyper over this. Let me see what I can do but please go and shower we are leaving for Churchill in t
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Chapter 7."Wow, nice dress!" Susan whistled, checking Aurora from head to toe. Aurora met her eyes in the mirror. "You think so?" she asked."Yup. You look edible, cupcake. I wish I could turn into a man to have you myself." Aurora turned around. "Susan, are you into girls now? What! tired with the opposite sex. Find someone else because I still prefer boys."She rolled her eyes and stepped Aurora aside from the mirror and checked herself. "I still prefer boys but right now I am getting more with the dumb boys. I mean they are so normal, I want someone who can hold my interest."Aurora raised her brows. "Hold your interest. The man has not been born yet, you get tired with men in two days." Aurora told her, shaking her head. She sighed and rolled her eyes. "Ya! I am choosy so what not everyone is like you who get serious about your first boyfriend. I mean seriously Aurora, you have not been with anyone before him and you are getting serious about that Gabe. He could have flaws. L
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Chapter 8When Aurora reached him she was a mess. She didn't know what came over her to speak such harsh words to Gabriel. She wiped her tears and did her makeup to hide the tear stains from her cheek before entering her Father's home. One glance at her face and her father would go haywire to know the reason behind her tears. She wanted to tell him about her relationship but today was not just the right day. She wouldn't be able to handle the questions. She was emotionally drained. She wanted nothing else but to cry her heart out inside the security of her room where no one would disturb her.Aurora swallowed the heaviness and knocked on her father's office. "Enter."Aurora took one long breath and entered. "You called for me dad?" She said walking to his chair. "My love," he stood up, held her face in his hands affectionately. "Aurora, did you cry, love?" He inquired."No, why would I dad?" She answered immediately, not wanting him to catch her lie."I was awake the whole night, d
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Chapter 9"I have arranged it and you are marrying Liam!"Aurora stared at her father without blinking a single time. She couldn't believe her ears. Did I just hear him correctly? He couldn't do that to me! No, dad can't do it to me. He must be joking. Yes, he is joking. Arranged marriages don't exist anymore. It used to happen in medieval times, not in the 21st century and even if it still exists it certainly did not exist in Canada."You can't do that dad!" Aurora said after getting her voice back. Ethan halted in his steps, ever so slowly he turned towards his daughter. His eyes stared into hers and for the first time in her life, she was frightened seeing his father's eyes. They were not warm anymore but harsh and cold. she couldn't recognise her father in that way."What did you say?" He asked. "Dad, I am not marrying someone I didn't even know. How could you decide something like this for me!" She managed to ask. His brows cleared. "Aurora, you don't know what you are sa
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Chapter 10 The Number you are trying to call is not reachable, please try again later…" Aurora ended the call and threw the phone away in anger. It's been two hours since she had been trying to call Gabriel but his phone was out of network coverage. She felt suffocated without talking with him and remembering what she said to him. She felt even more terrible and guilty "What happened, babe? You look sad!" Susan asked, closing the door behind her as she sat down on the bed beside me. Aurora facepalmed herself and sighed deeply. "I fought with Gabe and now his phone is out of network. I don't know what to do, Susan. I just want to hear his voice and apologise to him for the way I behaved." "Have you freaking lost your mind, Aurora Kings!!" She shouted, making Aurora flinch at the violence in her voice. She gasped and turned towards her, "What?" She asked. Susan pinched her like in a thin line. "You are an idiot Aurora. Don't you know the rules of dating a man?" She asked, rai
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