112. Roxie

I woke up without any pain for the first time in days. It didn’t feel good though, I knew it had come at a cost. I soon found out just how steep it was when a towering, amazon-like Mina flew into my room.

The breakfast tray she was carrying hit the floor and I was sent sprawling with a vicious slap across my cheek.

“Seraphine is dead! What the fuck did you do to her?” she screamed, her neck muscles rigid as I cowered beneath her.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

“You don’t mean it! You’re just looking out for yourself, you feel better, at the expense of my only friend here’s life!” she raged. Kicking the gilded breakfast tea tray into the wall it smashed the remaining bits of porcelain not already decimated

“I would never wish that on anyone, please believe me! Austin forced me!”

“It’s your demon, so I’ve heard how the hell did he force you?”

“You know he could kill me anytime he likes, he is insane!”

“You’re a coward, you should have killed yourself, she was fine two days ago, perfectly fine
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This book is so good! Wishing there was more than 1 update a day though.

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