113. Alpha Dex

Luna Madeline is right. War is coming. Austin will be expecting it, we probably don’t have the element of surprise but we have to try.

Together in Luna Madeline’s dark and musty drawing room we try to create a plan.

“Any ideas?” I say, feeling Alba pushing me to the forefront.

“We’re all ears, Alpha Dex, you know my pack does not have warriors to offer but we have different skills,” Luna Madeline said, sitting breathing raggedly. Lifting Ariel’s curse had taken more out of her than she wanted to let us know. Olaf fetched a cup of broth and a blanket, tending to her carefully.

“I have several hundred warriors Dex, you know we will fight alongside you,” Alpha Frank said and I felt my heart rise with pride.

With everyone else sat down, Glenn cradling Ariel close to him watching me with pained, blue eyes I felt the gears in my mind turning.

“I want to send a unit to attack, and if necessary, kill Roxie and take the summoning stone. What we do with it after that I don’t know but i
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