Everleigh POV

My knees felt so weak from bending, as I tried to gawk in father's office. As soon as Dad came, Raven immediately bid for excuse and went to him. He was in a rush, his shouts for something. I always look at him in the eye because I'm really fascinated with those. 

"Mr. Scott," I saw Raven scratching the back of his hands. "I was...wondering if, I could get advance payment?"

My mouth formed 'o'. I remember he is poor and having multiple jobs. 

"I can be your daughter's regular body guard, I just really need money," he added.

Why do he need money? Is he saving? For what? Maybe for his future?

"That is—"

"Fuck!" I almost fell on my knees.

"—not a good manner, Everleigh,"

"Goodness! Old man, you startled me!" I held my chest and glance at father's office. I felt relief they didn't noticed us. 

Mr. Hunderson raised his eyebrow at me and gestured me to follow him. We walk down st

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