Chapter 121


As I stand there and stare down at my feet, I have this unsettling feeling washing over me. I don't know where I messed up, but guilt gnaws at me as I gape in Shirley's direction. Because in this case, I think I should know what I've done wrong.

But in my defense, I've never dealt with a woman like Shirley.

She is very different from Gina. My ex-wife was easy to figure out; when she was mad, it was enough to flash my credit card in her face to make her happy again.

In comparison, Shirley is an onion. She is more complex with a thousand different layers. It makes her more challenging to understand, and I should be afraid, but instead, I'm drawn to her.

I find that odd. I deemed myself knowledgeable enough to know everything about love and how a relationship is supposed to be. I thought that once enough time passes, every relationship is more or less the same: you get bored, and everything falls into a routine.

Staying after the infatuation has blown out is the hard part. A
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goodnovel comment avatar
will there be an update today? never sure when to expect them
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Queen Harley
Oooo this is really good girl at this point try ur sister don’t care bout his feelings or yours she likes what he can offer her financially that’s it no shocker she ask for higher alimony in the future don’t let her snake u out your guys child
goodnovel comment avatar
Wow! She thinks so badly of herself and none of it is true. Her sister knew she had a crush on him and chose to hit on him in spite, she had her chance and blew it treating him as an ATM and leading him on about having kids, it's only fair that they see what's going on between them.

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