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comes Dove Callum: weird, always happy, wild, beautiful with blonde hair and blue eyes, president of the school body council, all A student and two mothers enters Liam Scott: loner, moody face, hot as hell, brown hair, green eyes, very tall and let's not forget a British accent .. The day callum sets her eyes on Liam for the first time, the only thing on her mind is love, love at first sight but Liam doesn't want anything to do with love or callum..

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8 Chapters
Found My Mr Right
CALLUM:" Hey Mary " I say and wave to her as a smile finds its way to my face." Hi Callum " she says and smiles back at me before walking out of the school. I tried to hold the papers I was carrying well as I walked again. I'm the president of the school student council and I'm very good at what I do. I balance the A4 papers as I enter the music hall, I could hear the students singing. How I missed school during the summer. I didn't actually spend a boring summer. Its never boring at home with all the fun and everything, infact my summer was eventful.As I walk further into the school I'm greeted by another sight." Hey Callum " Dave calls and I smile at him" Hi Dave, how was your summer break " I ask him" Well it was pretty cool thanks " he says." That's great then. See you later " I say and walk away" Yeah Callum " I heard him call after me, the smile still on my face as I greet a few more people in the hallways. Why are people early to school today, its not even 8:30 yet.I t
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Smiling gives aches
CALLUM:I walk out of the most interesting and boring meeting at the same time that morning with Shawn by my side, my book filled with awesome ideas under my arm while we follow miss soon to be Mrs brahms back to our office." The meeting was fantastic Callum " She says giving me a polite smile as she walks on. I give Shawn an invisible fist bump before moving closer" I try my best " I say and smile. Not to brag but I'm very you know intelligent and you can say brilliant too " Good. I hope you keep trying your best for the school " She says" Will sure do " I mutter with yet another smile.." And how did you like the meeting Shawn ? " She turns to her left to ask him." I found it quite entertaining " He states and smiles. Shawn Shawn always polite." I liked your ideas too. We will talk more in the next meeting " She says." Thanks " He replies and stares ahead again." How was the transfer kid ? " She turns to look at me as she asks me." Oh you mean Liam ? " I ask back even thoug
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Calling dibs on the hot dude
CALLUMJayden, the only guy in our group who isn't afraid to speak his mind even when being stared at by three females. He is blonde like me and he has deep blue eyes, more deeper than mine that tends to change colors everytime. Sometimes I think his eyes are purple. He is a 6 feet 2 and very athletic, if you know what I mean. He isn't on the football or basket ball team in the school because he doesn't like them. But he goes to the gym a lot and he spends his time in a boxing arena during weekends. He wrestles sometimes too. He lives with his mum and his elder sister. His dad, let's just say some where in the world like my dad neglecting his duties. He changes phones too much just like tasha changes boyfriends. He parties a lot. Drinks alcohol too, but we all drink only when we want to, we are not addicts. He doesn't do drugs neither is he in a gang. Infact he is thinking of becoming a doctor. He says one day his dad is going to walk into his hospital half dead asking for medical att
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Everything but a quitter
CALLUM:" Hey I'm home " I yell as I step into the house that evening after school. I close the door gently and turn to climb the stairs when I see the monster running towards me with full force, causing me trip and fall. " Cody !! " He pounces on me and starts licking my face from my left cheek to my right cheek. I giggle as I try to hold him back." Oh look who is excited to see you " Mum says as she comes out of the kitchen with a plate of homemade sandwich and a can of coca cola. Immediately he sights her or the food in her hands rather he runs off to her where she has taken a seat on the arm chair. " Hey mum " I say and stand up from the floor with a smile on my face." Cally " She states and I walk over to her to peck her cheek. Cody just keeps running around wagging his tail. I can never get tired of it, that dog is never tired and it actually makes me feel that's how my life is." How was school baby ? " She asks me while munching on her chips " It was eventful " I say wit
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You are fucked
CALLUM" So what do you think of this dress ? " I say that morning as I stand in front of mum and Lori for the tenth time." Honey it's nice " mum says with a tired voice " That's what you have said when I wore the other nine dresses " I say with a frown" Well that's because Callum those dresses were nice too " Lori says as she pats my mum back." Oh " I mutter " Thank you " I say and run back up the stairs to my room. I stare at my reflection in the mirror. The purple sundress looks perfect on me and I actually like it. I took my brown boots out and I wore them before checking my make up again. Did I add too much eye liner?. It's fine Cal, it's fineI grab my bag from the shelf and my phone off the cord before walking down the stairs again " Finally you settled on this one. I was going to have an heart attack if you had come back here with another dress on " mum states and I chuckle." Yeah you look good in everything you wear Cal and he will be a fool not to notice you " Lori
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He knows my name
〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️" And that will be all for this class " Mr Matthews says as the bell rings. Everyone goes out of the class hurriedly for their next class including Tasha. She has chemistry now but I have my maths class now so I wave her bye and she left." Mr Scott, I see that you are new to this school and class too " Mr Matthews starts talking to Liam in front. I'm sorry if I feel the need to eavesdrop now but I had no choice. I have a feeling I will like where their conversation is going. I pack my books into my bag slowly and then back my school bag before making my way to the entrance." Miss Dove " Mr Matthews calls out and I turn to his direction with a smile." Yes " I say and walk up to him." I know you are a very busy person but I want you to help Mr Scott here with fitting into AP English " he says and touches his glasses " I will think about it " I say and I'm practically cursing myself for that. Of course I want to tutor Liam. I mean who wouldn't want to but I can't look so
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You won't know what hit you
CALLUM" Hi Shawn " I say and enter the office with my bag in one hand and a box with two hot coffees in it, one with cream and one with extra sugar, Shawn loves lots of cream in his coffees plus I want to bribe him too." Hey Cal. You finally visited the office this week " he states and then moves close to me before taking a coffee out of the coffee holder." Yum extra cream " he states after taking a sip." You are welcome Shawn and I'm sorry I haven't been coming to the office often, I have just been super busy you know " I say and frown." Super busy following the new exchanged dude " he says and chuckles.Oh he really gets me" It's not my fault he is so hot " I say and fan myself with my hand." Yeah yeah. I will never understand your specie " he says and opens a blue folder." Yes we are just too unique do you agree? " I say and join him at the table." Whatever " he says " so what do you have planned for the fundraising event " he asks me and takes more sips from his coffee"
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'l'amour courtois' (courtly love)
〰️〰️〰️〰️" By the end of the 11th, and throughout the 12th centuries, when the poets of southern France invented 'l'amour courtois' (courtly love), love emerged as an essential theme in the relationships between men and women. Courtly love was a brand new, even revolutionary idea, that was opposed to marriage and its sacrament. " Mrs Vanessa says in our history class. We were discussing love and how and where it originated from. History isn't my very favourite subject but it is something that makes me read even when I don't want to though. " Callum would you like to add anything to what I had just said? " She asks me and I stand up from my seat. " I didn't actually get the question you asked " I say and she smiles " I said what is your own view on love, mr myers here says he believes that there is no such thing as love, if you were listening you would have heard him " she says " I'm sorry, I just got distracted for a bit but it will never happen again I promise. " I say " Good,
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