Chapter 136


I know this is wrong. If anyone catches us, then—no, no one will figure out what is happening because we aren't doing it!

"Zane!" I hiss as I'm dragged through a crowd of drunk people. Zane is holding my hand, leading me toward the restrooms.

Without looking at me, he murmurs. "Yes, darling?"

I glare his way while we are walking. "We can't do it. Not here."

"Why not?" Zane doesn't sound bothered by my inner panic. He keeps leading me like a man on a mission. "This restaurant is newly opened, and it's so luxurious. I bet they clean the restrooms plenty of times. You got nothing to worry about."

A shudder sweeps through me. "But we can't do it—"

I'm interrupted by Zane pulling me inside one of the restrooms and locking the door behind him. The room is elegant and dark, too fancy to be a restroom. Large too.

There are golden lamps that are dimly lit. There is a sound of a fountain installed against the wall. It smells fresh, and there is a couch outside the stalls and pl

Read "A virgin for the player" If you haven't done that yet. I update both daily, although I'm waiting to update this too often before next month since I've already finished the monthly word count. Thank you very much for reading! Love you guys! ^_^

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Angela Lynn Carver
My heart belongs to Zane now. He may join my harem
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Parwan Kaur
I wish we could do it ...amazing pulled off ...I m glad Shirley is happy
goodnovel comment avatar
Queen Harley
Wow just wow …….. he really pulled it off

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