Reach for A star

Reach for A star

By:  B. E Johnson  Ongoing
Language: English
6 ratings
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Nicole Thompson is a badass or a delinquent as some may call her. She gets into trouble a lot at school but she's invisible. All the teachers know her but none of the students do. Although she's been with them since kindergarten, no one noticed her. But all that's about to change with Tyler Miller now in the picture. Popstar Tyler Miller is set to finish his final year at ridgeway high, but he's in for a bumpy but amazing ride when he meets the school badass Nicole Thompson who no one seems to notice. Dealing with crazy pasts and present decisions as they weave through life while reaching for a star.

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favorite ... I can read all over again
2021-09-15 00:15:31
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Aarti Shankar
Gave 5 star coz i found it worthy. Amazing book can't stop reading it.
2021-09-02 22:19:01
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Five star for you baby...️
2021-09-02 22:11:09
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Saloni Hasija
My Gosh. I really loved it.... God, it's so intriguing I wanna read more and more🥺🥺🥺 I think I am gonna collect coins for the paid chapters sooonnnnn... loved it Bella. Great Work Author😍😍
2021-07-12 02:31:33
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Such a cool book! Loved Nicole's character!
2021-07-10 23:04:20
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Author k
I really love reach for the star. it a great story. kudos author
2022-04-08 01:12:15
11 Chapters
• Nicole's POV • "I'll miss you Charles" I said as Charlie engulfed me in his bone crushing, soul draining hugs, One of the things I'll miss about him. "I'll miss you too nikky, now try not to kill anyone while am away" he said while still hugging me. "I can't make promises, you know I hate people" I grinned at him. "Just stay out of jail, okay?" He said looking all serious. "Fine, I promise I'll stay out of jail" I said rolling my eyes at him. "I'll really miss you nikky, a lot" he signed pulling me in for another hug. "Why can't you just come to college with me?" He whined  "Because I have a year to spend at hell school remember?" I reminded him "Speaking of high school, it's your final year nikky, please try to get a life?" He said still hugging me "Hey! You'
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Chapter one
 • Nicole's POV •Getting up in the morning was number one on the top ten things I hated, that and snitches and the colour pink. I groaned as my alarm clock rang again for the fourth time. I blew out and got out of bed with a scowl, what a great way to start the my final year at school.Hi there, my name is Nicole Thompson and I hate everything around me. I'm what society term as a badass or a delinquent as the more civilized people call me. I'm eighteen and I attend ridgeway High, the most elite school in our small town in LA .How I got into a school like that? well it is all thanks to the huge donations my aunt makes to the school board every month. My parents? Well they're gone. Now if you think this is one of those stories where she looses her family and then shut out the world, you're definitely wrong sweetheart. I hated my parents, I loathed them so I was unaffected by their
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Chapter two
• Tyler's POV•I stood there still confused as hell about what just happened.I had this feeling in my stomach like something was eating me up, I have never felt like this before. And this is not the first time I made a girl cry, I dump a lot of girls and they end up crying and cursing at me, but that was normal for me, it was a daily routine.Why was this different? Why does that single tear she shed make me want to protect her? Want to hug her? Want to help her? And hold her? Why do I feel so guilty?This was all very confusing, just like the reason why mom wanted me to finish high school.Two weeks ago...It was the final week of summer, I was hosting the end of summer party and it was lit as fuck.That same Friday night I was supposed to meet my Mom aka my manger at our company studio to finalize a duet deal
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Chapter three
Tyler's pov"This is so weird and unnecessary, you sure you did nothing else ty?" Brandon asked me for the twentieth time since I got here 30 minutes ago."I didn't do nothing man" I exclaimed"But this is so unlike Sam " Lucas muttered more to himself but I heard him anyway.Lucas and Brandon had been my friends since childhood, We were practically brothers.Before my fame,we were a band called the trio. We would practice every evening after school in my room back in LA. Life was peaceful then, life was real.As soon as our band started getting recognition Brandon dropped out, he didn't give a specific reason as to why but that did not stop us from being friends. Lucas and I are in the music industry but we're signed under different labels.We were all doing well in our careers, and Brandon was now a famous Youtuber with
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Chapter four
Nicole's POVI was fuming at myself for letting those tears fall. That asshole probably thinks I'm some weak girl he could pick on.I made my way to class as my plan to get there earlier has been ruined and now I had 10 minutes till it starts and that's not enough time to calm down. The dickhead had ruin my plans and my mood.I took a sharp bend to my classroom and slammed the door open not caring as it dangled back and forth like it would fall of it's hinges anytime soon.The teacher who was sitting on her desk had jumped up due to the bang and was now in some sort of defence stance, her features hardened at the fact a students had disturbed her but it immediately softened when she saw who it was. She looked at me, her eyes oozing with an emotion I know too well, sympathy.I only shot her a glare as my anger rised. I was tired of the sympathy these people gave me. It's be
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Chapter five
Nicole's POV"Hey Lexi, who's your friend?" One of the guys who accompanied the dickhead asked Lexi.They were quite hot not as much as dickhead but still hotter than most  boys in this school.And also yes I know I just admitted that dickhead was hot, I'm a girl and I appreciate the work of the creator when I see it.Like he had done a pretty good job on them. The all had the same shade of brown with highlights on the tips, on top of their head, they were pretty tall although the one on the right seemed taller. They were probably at a 5'8 inch and I was struggling at a good 5'2 not bad, but not good either.The one on the left whispered something to the guy who spoke earlier and his lips contorted into an 'O' shape like he just realised something.Dickhead was standing at the middle with a scowl on his face as he glared persistently at the ground.
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Chapter six
Nicole's POV   I had tears in my eyes, from laughing so much. Lexi was a great company, she had a great sense of humor and we had a lot in common.    She was almost as smart as me, she had a w*****d account like me although I never told her about mine, didn't feel comfortable enough, and she was an army.   That explained why we sat there just laughing our asses off   DRING! DRING!!DRING!!!   The shrill voice of our own nightmare timer went off, signalling the lunch period.   I suddenly felt bad, Lexi had to skip three of her classes just to keep me company  
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Chapter seven
Nicole's POVI was now sitting in the principal's office with Shannon situated in the chair beside me He was pacing  around the small room. His office was like a luxurious suite, with it's brown walls and exotic furniture. "I thought we were past this, what happened? " He inquired"I thought so too sir. I thought Nikki and I were finally over our feud and that we'll be getting along better but I tried saying hi to her today and boom I'm standing in the principal's office! When I really think I should be in the nurse's office" She rushed out wiping out fake tears for more effectMr Samuel let out a loud sign and sank into his chair"Alright, miss Shannon make your way to the nurse's office""Of course sir, but I suggests miss Nicole be punished to ensure she learns her lesson" She add
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Chapter Eight
Tyler's POV "Damn bro, you fucked up " Brandon said, breaking the suffocating silence that's been in the room since Nicole ran out and Lexi ran after her.  The shrill sound of the bell rang signifying the end of class "Well you can all get lost now! Out of my classroom, out!! " The teacher yelled obviously frustrated by what happened Students began to clamber out of the classroom in pairs, Murmuring in excitement at the events that Unfolded "Props man, you've managed to spice this school up in just two days, wow! " A random guy commented before walking past Tyler and his group "Damn, I fucked up" I lamented "ow.. You fucker" I seethed while massaging the back of my head " You deserve worse! Just two days in and you've managed to make a beautiful girl cry twice" Callum stated "And that's a record, even for you! " Brandon added " All those in favour of Tyler getting his ass whooped please show by a raise of h
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Chapter Nine
Nicole's POVI kept running, I kept going, I didn't stop, I couldn't stop. I heard Lexi screaming my name, we were just a few feet apart but it felt like Miles.My legs were tired but my heart kept going, soon my body reached its limits and collapsed unto the dirt. My tears giving it a added moisture.What was wrong with me? Before Tyler Miller came I never shared a single tear but now I just can't seem to stop. My heart was overflowing, these feelings had been locked up for so long and now they're basking in the freedom they've gotten.I laid there, on the ground were I belong, panting and breathing in, well needed air into my lungs, as I listen to the sounds of Lexi's footsteps. She collapsed next to me repeating the same actions I did.••••••••••••••••••|••••&bu
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