chapter 11

It felt like its been forever by now but its finally here. Its Christmas eve, our family dinner. What we call it but its kinda different since Mark is gone. As I got home, yes a little high, but enough to get the high but not show it. Cynthia was in the kitchen cooking away with some of the help, when I came in. Our head chef was taking out the hams when I popped my butt down on the island. When he sat it on the counter he addressed me like always with a smile. Walter, I loved he was the best. Always made me the best late night snack. Especially when I was a little high.

"Good morning Ms. Rosey." He said.

"Good morning Walter."

"Oh good your here and early." Cynthia chimed in. "But not dressed for your best, I see."

"I don't have all my nice close at the house mother. I left them here. But I was gonna take a nice hot bath and get ready here if you didn't mind?"

"Of course not. Its still your place. Even though your father isn't here and the judge left every
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