Chapter 72 - Kissing tips along with great wisdom

I ran towards the window and looked around, but I was unable to see any trace of a person there. Someone opened the door, and I ignored it as Gramma's scent invaded my nose as soon as she entered my room.

"You should not leave your weapons anywhere when you clearly know that without these, your strength will be almost nil" I looked at her and found her placing my knife and gun on the desk. "What are you looking at?"

"I heard someone's voice, but when I turned, there was no one", I explained to her, and she huffed.

"Your bond is new. It is possible that you heard few things through your mate bond."

"But I am hundred percent sure that person was talking with me" I again looked down from the window towards the woods... {there are not even footsteps} ... Gramma came beside me and took my uninjured hand in hers and patted it softly.

"What's wrong, munchkin? You have been acting weird since you came back" as soon as she said that, my mind again went to the kiss that I shared with Ryan m
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Karina Vazquez
She better listens to grandma advice. I am tired of her back and for. She needs to grow up.

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