Chapter 82 - Introducing Greyson

As soon as I reached a little near that wolf, he turned in the opposite direction and started walking slowly ... he was not concerned whether I was following him or not, he was not concerned about what if someone caught him, he was not even concerned that I can attack from behind. He is just confidently walking in a particular direction as if he is walking in some garden... {It's not like I will do anything to him now, at least not until dee is in front of my eyes, safe and sound}

Am I really complimenting his confidence? I shook my head and followed silently behind him. It was the first time I met a white wolf in person, and I have to say that the legend is true about their beauty. Although he is walking in the dirt still, his coat is not even a little stained. He looks like a majestic creature strolling in the woods, not some serial killer wolf taking hostage.

I looked around and found us in the denser part of the woods. He took me towards the roots of the enormous tree and crouche
Mudita Upreti

Hey guys, thank you for loving my book so much. So, now we are finally heading towards the end, so do share your reviews on the book.

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Karina Vazquez
So she is not human after all. But this does not make any sense. Why come out now for no apparent reason?
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Inocencio Buenasflores Karen
this is the hell best ever update thank you.. God bless
goodnovel comment avatar
Whoa! What an update!! It will not surprise me to find out she is Reed’s daughter. Not one whit.

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