Working too much isn't really good for you.

The breakfast continued until Ethan looked up at Davis and decided to bring up yesterday's matter. "Where were you last night?" He stopped eating and asked.

Davis' hands stopped moving and he slowly looked up at his father, even Stephanie looked up at him, wanting to hear what he was going to say. Davis cleared his throat as he tried to keep a smooth composure.

"I was working on something important," he replied. 'Sure you were' his inner mind added and he could only just shut his eyes tight not wanting to remember anything that happened last night.

"So will you mind telling us what you were working on last night?" Stephanie asked and Davis turned to look at her with a glare. Come to think of it, she must have been the one who drugged him, I mean this woman loathed him more than the devil himself that is if she even loathed the devil.

"I just said that I was working, what exactly would I be working on if it's not the company's upcoming projects, hmm?" He replied nonchalantly as he sipp
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