He smirked as an idea came to his head then he faced the move but brought his hands to her knees. Stella turned to look at him but his attention was on the movie. Thinking it was a coincidence, she faced the movie again but then his hands started moving upwards.

Stella abruptly turned to look at him but he was still facing the movie, she looked at his hands that were slowly moving inside her ties, she wanted to yell at him to stop but this place was a theater, everywhere was silent, no single beep was heard.

She cleared her throat and tried concentrating in the movie but couldn't because Davis kept caressing her thigh upwards and downwards.

Stella never thought she'd experience this type of thing one day where you'll go to the movies with your partner and they'd start caressing you, getting all touchy with you and before you know it, you'd both start kissing, gripping and touching and most fun part is that everywhere is dark so no one will be able to see a thing.

Davis smirked when he
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