Let's sleep

Stella gasped but before she could react, he buried his head into her chest and grabbed one of the boobs in his mouth.

That was another move from Davis that made her lose it. She couldn't control her moans as he began sucking on it like a hungry baby. He used his hands to squeeze the other breast, giving it the attention it needed.

Stella shut her eyes and gripped on his shoulders really tight before his lips came back to hers. The moment it did, another fire ignited and this time it was rougher than the first kiss, it was like both Davis and Stella were trying to compete with each other by adding more energy and passion to the kiss.

Davis was the first to break it, he stared into her already misty eyes. "I need to hear more moans from you wifey, prove to me that you really want me" he smiled and kissed her neck then trailed it down to her boobs again, he gave the lines separating them a slow lick as he kept his eyes contact with her.

He was seeing the need that was flashing through t
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