Stella was awake now but she kept staring at the ceiling with tears pouring out of her eyes. 'Davis please be fine for me and the kids'.

The door opened, Hannah and Brenna stepped in, Hannah was holding a bed table and some food while Brenna had a smile on her face.

"Mum I'm not hungry" Stella immediately turned away, feeling slightly angry that her mom would have to bring food when Davis' life is at stake here.

Brenna came to stand beside Stella while Hannah sat at the edge of her bed and put the bed tray in position. "It's important that you eat," Hannah said softly.

"Mum I'm not hungry, I'm worried about Davis! How can I eat, knowing that his life is in danger" Stella complained to Hannah and Brenna decided to chirp in.

"But Stella, if you don't eat then how will your baby survive?"

Brenna's question made Stella pause and turned to look at her. "What do you mean?" She asked slowly.

Brenna looked at Hannah and Hannah nodded, then Brenna went ahead to tell Stella that she had a ba
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