chapter 19

(author note - English is not my first language.

so if there are any grammar mistakes please let me know in the comments and thanks for reading the book.

this is my first work so I hope you all will support me.

-thank you)

it was the night between 8-9 pm Patrick was walking on the road beside the river bank. while he was walking he a young woman walking in front of him sloppily when the woman is about to fall he helped her.

the woman thanked him shakily and asked him to help him to take her back home because she was exhausted due to work.

Patrick did not think too much and helped her to go home and went back to his villa and slept he didn't know that two people father and son are watching him. they are Stan Lee and his father.

for the past two days, stan kept pestering his father to do something about Patrick and Peter.

so, it's difficult to take care of a person with a connection with the underworld so he decided to wait for MR John to return, on the other hand, he can take care of
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Broderick Cooper
I guess this book was a teaser
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Broderick Cooper
Why no updates
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