Chapter 122: Sami Amari Ronaldo

One year and a little over seven months passed.

Castle backdrops surrounded the grand ballroom of the Third Diamond Hotel, where each side was made to appear like stone walls in medieval times. Arch windows were painted on the same backdrops, and royal guards stood in between white columns.

At the front, royal seats were prepared for three; a king, a queen, and of their small little princess. Above them, the ceiling was decorated with hanging candlesticks and huge chandeliers.

That day was Sami Amari Ronaldo’s first birthday, and the Ronaldo couple had a princess-themed party for their only daughter.

The sound of trumpets altered all the visitors. On the left side of the venue, the Jenkins snapped their heads, their eyes gleaming at the soon arrival of Carlos’ and Kate’s princess. They brought Saoirse with them and their son Spencer. The Knights were also invited to the event, which allowed Savannah’s parents to have a short vacation and a chance to visit their grandkids.


One more chapter to the end.

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Andrea Castellano
Aww just love these books. And I love how the family is always soo open to eachother and always are there they thick and thin.
goodnovel comment avatar
Kanze Amir
I love how you always put importance in family... I love this family
goodnovel comment avatar
Hi Author, ang cute ng name ni little Sami.

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