Falling into Other's Footsteps

Havermouth, 8 Years Before

Rhett threw his bag over the fence before climbing over the wrought iron spikes. It was late enough on a school night that if his mother was home for the night, rather than at her girlfriend Deborah’s, she would rip him a new one, and the front gate had an annoying squeal that his mother’s ears seemed attuned to even after only a couple weeks in the house.

The house was so different to what he was used to, he thought. In Rideten, they’d had a penthouse apartment. They still had the penthouse apartment, but now his father lived in it alone, and Lora Salem and Rhett lived in the pretty, ramshackle newly renovated, four bedroom and five-bathroom, barn conversion on the edge of Havermouth.

F-k he hated the house. Barn. Whatever.

He hated Havermouth. Its human population seemed drugged into sedation, or to have been transplanted from some weird sci-fi movie about perfect retro suburbia, with mums in pastels, aprons and high heels who baked cookies and curled thei
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