Fixing the Roof

Havermouth, Five Years Before

Cameron and Heath had propped the ladder against the side of the house and stood holding coffee and looking up thoughtfully at the roof when Rhett rounded that side of the house and they both looked at him quizzically when he arrived from the opposite direction to the normal walk from the back of the house.

“Is everything okay?” Heath asked immediately.

“Fine.” The generator had kicked in as he’d passed it, so he knew that Aislen was in the bathroom. “She’s in the bathroom.”

“Hmm,” Heath frowned at him, not believing him at all that everything was fine.

“It’s fine,” Rhett told him. “Where is my coffee?”

Cameron surrendered the cup that he held, whether it had been intended for Cameron or Rhett didn’t matter so much as sating Rhett’s need for caffeine to the Triquetra’s red-haired mate, Rhett knew, and wrapped his arm around Cameron, tugging him into a tight embrace and pressing a kiss to his neck before releasing him, leaving Cameron glowing with pleased
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Rhett wasn't allowed to be himself with her. he was cool and considerate with her. this is why she likes him more. he was the only one who didn't shame her during initial days
goodnovel comment avatar
I’ve always wondered why she liked him so much-he is so whiny. Health is problematic as hell but still dominate AF and Cameron is just so goofy.
goodnovel comment avatar
Me too. Wondering if this is Rhett pulling away from her because Heath and Cameron were so jealous. Maybe that’s really why he’s so angry with her.

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