Bad Omens

Havermouth, Present Time

Although the storm had come to an end, the sky was still full of clouds through which the sun was just a watery presence failing to warm or dry the flooded town. There was still no power, the light switches non-reactive to being flicked on, and the house echoed oddly without the hum of the fridge.

There was no hot water. Aislen smothered a shriek as she stepped under the spray, gritting her teeth as she scrubbed herself. She was shuddering with cold by the time she was done, a situation which was not improved once she was dry as the house was also bitterly cold, her breath steaming in the dark bathroom.

In the kitchen over the gas stove Rhett was heating water for coffee.

“Where is everyone?” She asked as she wrapped her arms around his waist and leaned into him with a moan of appreciation for his body warmth.

“Heath is on the phone,” he replied taking the water off the boil. “Cameron and Talen took the Ute for a drive. Cameron was eager to do another sweep of
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