6. The Gamma

“Two million dollars. Going once! Going twice! Gone!” The host slammed his gavel twice on the stand, sealing the fact that I had been purchased.

The large room erupted with noise as the crowd buzzed with conversation.

“Two million dollars? For a lowly omega? Isn’t that outrageous?”

“Why will anyone want to spend that amount of money to acquire a slave and her child?”

“Is she really worth it?”

“He’s the Alpha King so he could spend any money he wants.”

I kept my head bowed as the conversation from downstage floated into my ears. The look of disapproval on the faces of the customers made me feel even worse about myself and the situation.

I couldn’t believe it, the Alpha king had just purchased my child and I for two million dollars.

The owner waddled to the stage, almost tripping on his own feet. The elation on his face almost splitting it in two.

He waddled over to me and shoved me downstage, leading me back to the scarlet room. Three girls now occupied the space and they seemed to be waiting for me, a fresh set of clothes had been laid out for me, along with several accessories that lined the drawer.

“I knew he would be very pleased. Dress her to perfection please.” The owner said to the girls in the room, buzzing from excitement at the amount of money he had just made off me.

The girls nodded in understanding and pulled me gently, they let me drop Jessy into a chair where I could watch her from and then quickly they began to work on stripping me out of my clothes.

Dazed and disoriented, I could only watch in silence as they massaged oil onto my entire skin before slipping another white dress onto my frame. This one, although revealing, covered my body more than the previous one and I was thankful for that.

They slipped a pair of sandals onto my feet and I was surprised at how perfectly they fit. Pushing me into the nearest chair, one of the girls began to brush out my blonde hair, detangling it completely and adding some oil to it for effect. She put it up in a ponytail, letting a few strands fall out from the front of it, framing my face perfectly.

One of the girls appeared in front of me and began to apply some makeup onto my face. She primed and plucked my face, working fast but meticulously.

Jessy was brought back into my arms.

“Hold her still.” She instructed, picking up the palette and brush once more and bringing it to Jessy’s face in an attempt to apply some makeup on her.

“No don’t! She doesn’t need it.” I screamed out my refusal, shoving Jessy’s face into my chest to protect her from being primed like I was.

I could sit here all day and let them do whatever that they wanted with me, but I wasn’t ever going to let them do the same to my child.

The girls paused for a minute, and they seemed to be communicating with their eyes, but then the one in front of me nodded in understanding, before adding finishing touches to my face.

Just as they finished the Owner strolled back into the room, whistling in satisfaction at the way that I looked.

“He is going to like this very much.” He muttered under his breath, grabbing my arm again and moving me out of the room, I balanced Jessy in one arm letting him pull me with the other arm.

We walked through the long hallway, before moving through a set of stairs. The owner nodded in greeting to the men positioned at the door before pushing open the heavy door and pulling me with him into the room.

My heart continued to thud heavily in its cage as we made our way into the small room and the dim lights in the room almost made me hyperventilate.

The man that I had seen from the stage was still in his position, legs crossed but this time he had his back turned to me.

Taking deep breaths to steady myself, I moved carefully towards him.

Suddenly I was pulled sideways, almost tripping on my feet. Turning to face the offender, the first thing I noticed was how young he looked, but there was something else.

My heart lurched forward when I caught the look in his eyes. His dark depths held lust but it was more than that, it was a maniac almost crazed look that danced in his eyes and what was worse—-

The man was staring straight at my daughter in my arms.

He licked his lips lustfully before a sinister smirk painted his lips.

“Money well spent.” The man stated.

The owner came forward to him and bowed slightly before him.

“I hope you’re pleased Gamma.” He said, beaming with glee at the situation.

Then it dawned on me, this was the man that had purchased my daughter and I, not the Alpha King. This creepy man had just paid two million dollars to acquire us and with the way he was looking at Jessy, I knew that he was particularly after my daughter.

The thought made my stomach churn in disgust and fear, I couldn’t ever let that happen. No matter how helpless I got I knew that I could never allow anyone to hurt her or try to take her away from me again.

Jessy had been through too much, more than any three years old deserved to go through and I wasn’t going to stand by and let it get worse, I wasn’t going to watch my daughter go through hell; no more than she had already been through.

I made a promise to my daughter, and I already failed on it once but that was it. I would put my life on the line to be sure that my daughter remained safe.

The creep continued to watch Jessy and the knot in my chest continued to tighten, my heart was roaring wildly within its cage as his eyes remained trained on my child, all I wanted was to protect her but I wasn’t sure I could even lift a finger against him. He was after all a Gamma as the owner had implied.

I could hear the host continue to announce on the stage and the bidding process continued as the patrons yelled out prices, trying to place their bid. Squabbling over the opportunity to own a young, beautiful Omega. Even the Alpha King continued to bid on girls and that sealed my fate. I was a slave for the creepy Gamma.

Suddenly he pulled on my arm and dragged me to the side. Immediately yanking Jessy from my arms as I stumbled. He immediately began to grope my three years old all over.

The sight caused my vision to go red with the anger and the look of pure enjoyment on his face churned my stomach and caused it’s content to threaten to pour out. He pulled Jessy into his lap and his hands began to roam all over her little body.

“Get your filthy hands of her, you monster. Let go of my child!” I protested, trying to pull a crying Jessy out of the strong grip he had on her.

Jessy was squirming now, kicking out and crying, desperately trying to get out of the Gamma’s hands.

The Gamma had anger burning in his eyes at our outbursts and he swung his arms out to land a slap on my face, causing pain to ripple through my cheeks and jaw like I had just been hit with steel.

“Hey!” He called out to the staff that was positioned at the entrance of the door and the buff looking man walked towards him.

“Do you have anything that could make them more docile?” The Gamma asked once the man was standing close enough and they began to talk in hushed tones.

Fear gripped my mind at the situation and my mind began to spin. If we ever left this auction house with the Gamma then that would seal our fates. We would forever be slaves to him and he would be able to do whatever he wanted to us.

The disgusting man in the crowd that had bid a hundred thousand dollars seemed like a better option than the Gamma.

And suddenly an idea occurred to me, if I didn’t do something soon then I would be condemning Jessy and I to a life worse than the torments of hell.

Crawling over to the seat that held the Alpha King, I grabbed his pants and pulled gently on it. Cold grey eyes meet my blue ones and the intensity in them almost made me cower, but it was now or never.

Clasping my hands together as though in prayer, I begged;

“My King, please have me. I’m yours if you’ll have me.”

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