22. A Shared Meal

Greyson’s POV:

The room was dimly lit, almost dark, there were bodies jam packed everywhere and it seemed like the people were trying to mold themselves into one with how close they grinded on each other.

The music was a heart attack inducing, soul shattering blast that came from ten foot tall speakers set on either end of the enormous dance floor.

It felt like I was at an elevated position and from that position I could watch the restless sea of bodies below me bob their heads and bodies to the music and engage in all sort of activities in the almost dark room.

There was a woman.

I couldn’t completely focus on her for a reason, neither could I get her face. But her thick mane of hair kept catching in the dim lights as she continued to dart in and out of the light. Appearing at one end and disappearing into another very frequently.

The over amplified bass and drums of the music highjacked the feel of my own purse and the shuddering jerking steps of the woman as she tried to weave
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