65. A Glass Of Water And An Apology

Even in the darkness of the room, I could still see every inch of the man that laid beside me. It was surreal, being back at the mansion and sharing a bed with the man that I loved once more.

I ran a finger across his cheeks and smiled when he shivered from my movements. It was so peaceful watching him sleep like this. He looked so young and innocent and it was difficult to not love him more in this moment.

True to his words, Greyson had been a complete sweetheart since I got here. Which wasn’t very difficult for the Alpha since sweetness was kind of his forte.

Everything felt different but it was still the same. That was conflicting, even for myself.

But some things changed upon my return. Like my position in the household. I was no longer a maid here and no matter what I said or did, Greyson had made it clear that it would remain that way.

As much as that changed, some things remained the same way, like Jessy and Greyson’s love for each other which only grew more and more beaut
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Catherine A Ramirez
I never trusted Zoe
goodnovel comment avatar
They just need to clean house of these maids ...
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Lydia Man
She’s going to tell Freya that she slept with Greyson or rape her while he’s drunk

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