71. A Surprise

The scent of roses lingered on even as the last feeling of sleep ebbed. A wide smile painted my face even with my eyes still closed at the memories of the beautiful dream that I had just been having.

I flipped open my eyes and the bright light that filtered into the room blinded me for a moment. One thing that came with the knowledge of my pregnancy was better sleep for me, I couldn’t tell why the change had happened but it did.

I usually slept in till the late morning and it made me feel better. I was now less cranky, less tired and that was all I needed to feel happier.

As I rolled over to Greyson’s side of the bed? I stretched out my fingers to touch the space he usually occupied and the cold sheets proved that the Alpha had been out of the bed for a while now.

It was pretty normal now to wake up without Greyson beside me since I usually woke up really late but it didn’t mean I was getting used to it. I still craved the warmth of the man like never before.

I stayed in bed for
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Madhuri Tony
I think Smith is Freya's mate.. She is omega so she didn't know.. And because of Greyson..smith also didn't expose it.. ...

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