74. Victory

The adrenaline from the last two hours was finally wearing off as I watched my men tear down the last of the attacking clan. My entire body screamed with pain but I couldn’t be happier at the victory.

A surprise attack wasn’t something that any pack ever wanted and usually it gave the attackers the upper hand but thanks to my reliable officials they were mostly able to take control of it even before word got to me.

There was of course a few fatal casualties on my side but I was grateful to the Goddess that it wasn’t a lot.

I transformed back into my human form and my muscles screamed from the strain. Thankfully staying in my wolf form had helped me mostly heal from the worst of my injuries but it didn’t mean that my body couldn’t feel the effects anymore.

“Round up some of the men and check every corner within and outside the pack to be sure they are no more hanging around.” I instructed Smith, while putting on the clothes that had been passed to me.

I couldn’t wait to get home an
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Samantha Ohren
the title of the next chapter is very worrisome :o
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I’m really glad! Keep checking for more!
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Toplyn Johnson-Del Rosario
I enjoy this book so much

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