80. Emilia

Emilia’s POV:

“Emilee?” Simon called and I chuckled under my breath. No matter how much I tried to correct him about the pronunciation of my name, the four years old insisted on calling me that since his friend called me that too.

“Yes love?” I responded.

“When do we go home and see daddy? Will he forgive me and love me again? A-and you too?”

Tears pricked at my eyes at his words. How could I tell him that he might never see his father again? I mean chances were if Roman were ever found, he would be killed. There was no mercy for what he had done so far.

“I’m sure he will honey. Come on, it’s past your bedtime you need to go to bed.” I tried my best at sounding reassuring but I couldn’t be sure that it worked as well as I wanted it to. I was sad and scared myself.

“I’m scared.” Came his little voice again.

“Don’t be scared honey, here hold my hand and I promise I won’t let go okay?” I promised and Simon nodded his head, wrapping his small fingers around mine.

I watched as his e
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A look into Emilia’s thoughts.

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