"I'm sorry." He mutters as he distances himself from me.

I bite my lips while keeping my head straight, refusing to look at him. My hand itches so bad to give him the slap of the century for assaulting me into four orgasms before finally having the decency to ask if I want him.

"Fuck you." I grit my teeth while fixing my panties, then bend down to pick up the bra he discarded earlier.

He ruffles his hair, clearly regretting what he did just now. But it's too late. Game over, Luc. There's no way we can go back to the friendship we created months ago.

"You are the last person I'd think to ever do this," I hate that my tears are staining my cheek, and how my voice vibrates for how mad I am, "You forced me, when I've told you I didn't want it."

"I'm really sorry, Soph..."

"You, are the worst decision in my whole life." Meeting him for the first time a year ago, what the fuck was in my head when I decided to accept his offer to be his sugar baby? How stupid I'd been to get pregnant twic
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Is it going to continue from this point? I’m dying to know what happens next
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hey what happened next
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