Helios’ kiss…it is electrifying. I feel a strange tremor rush throughout my body even as I struggle under him. He is extremely dominant; with my hands pinned above my head, I am imprisoned. My face is held by his hand and his body restrains me from moving away.

His mouth is hard on mine, unyielding, and savagely, he thrusts his tongue in and my eyes widen with shock.

He takes full advantage of my helplessness, his tongue plays with the insides of my lips, giving life to a throbbing heat between my thighs.

My mind screams for him to stop, but strangely, as his mouth continues to roam mine, my body begins to quiver like a leaf, not from fear but from a growing pleasure – a need.

A strange desire forms within me and I moan, kissing him back.

It is then that my eyes snap open. What on earth am I doing?? I must have lost my mind! This has to stop!

I bite his tongue. Hard. And I draw blood.

Pained, Helios releases me in a heartbeat.

“You dare bite me?” he growls, wiping
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