13 How Did You Know?


When I returned home, one of my men told me my mother had put Emma in the servant quarters, which made my blood boil. I had just taken her away from that kind of life; It was wrong and derogatory for my mother to do such a thing. I knew she was an omega, but it did not give her the right.

I walked into the house fuming, and my mother greeted me at the door.

"You stayed too long out there?" she said, coming to hug me. I let her and then pulled away.

"Where is my wife?" I asked her, and she frowned at me.

"Emma," I said, and realisation dawned on her.

"Emma is your wife? When did you marry her, and why was I not informed?" she asked accusingly.

"It was quiet. We both agreed we did not want something loud, and I am not a child. I do not need permission to get married," I told her, and she looked hurt.

"How could you tie yourself to a low-level Omega? They are just for pleasure and service. How could you? Do you know how important the position you occupy is? You can't hold on
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