Chapter 83: Eli

It’s been a couple of months since Benny joined our pack. It's is really coming along now. Most of our pack members have homes that are either complete or in the final stages of completion. Main street stores are complete, and we’ve started building another set of stores in the expansion portion of the pack, making it easier for those members that chose to live farther away from the packhouse to get supplies when needed.

Grace and I started having monthly pack meetings, keeping everyone up to date, providing any announcements and using that time to add new members to the pack, whether they are wolves coming of age, or people who have come to our pack looking for a safe place to live.

Ailduin comes for training every two weeks. He brings Anastasia so she can see her father. Alpha Christopher spoke to his Beta when he returned with Fanella. He set up an Alpha challenge and his Beta’s son won, as expected. He took a month to help transition the duties to the new Alpha and then he and Fa

The hunters are coming. And they want the Guardians.

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Hopefully they kill all the hunters this time & find there compounds
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The hunters are awful!

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