Ann felt anger burning inside her as she watched the women leave. She couldn't tell if it was the fact that the sex doctor was pleasuring another woman instead of her or for the fact that he had left her here to wait outside. She turned to enter the office but ceased her footstep when the door opened and Marcus came out.

"Come on let's go". Marcus said as he strode to the elevator. It opened and he went in.

Ann stood back staring at him unbelievably, she was expecting an apology for keeping her waiting outside but instead he walked past her as if he didn't notice her presence.

"Hurry up, we don't have much time". Marcus ordered which made her snapped out of her thought and rushed into the elevator before it locked.

Ann cleared her throat in order to break the awkward silence between them. She was curious to know where they were going instead of being in the office.

"May I know where we are going sir?". She asked out of curiosity, she couldn't 't hold it in anymore longer.

"You will kn
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