There was silence in the car, with the sound of the tires and the drumming of my heart profound in my ears. I kept as much distance as possible from Dominic and kept my gaze away from him. Still, I could feel him looking at me and I gritted my teeth.

Things changed so quickly. I was in my college, insulted in front of everyone and the next minute, I was declared to be the Alpha’s mate. Was this some kind of a bad dream?

I pinched my right cheek hard in hopes of it being a nightmare, but when it stung, I realized that I was living the nightmare. I was taken away from my family and had to live with a person forever, pretending to be his soulmate just because of some stupid chemical bond.

“You know, loathing about what happened will not make the pain go away.” His husky voice came from the back and I snapped my head at him,

How dare he say that when he was the one who took everything away from me?!

I glared at him, showing my point, and then looked back at the window. Suddenly, I felt his

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Linda Parizeau
Innocent and stupid girl. Not aware of what sex is about? What did her parents taught her?
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Kathy Aponte
Loving it so far!!!!!
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Thank you Njel. The chapters will get longer as you provided.

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