I walked over to the bed, taking each step carefully. Sky leaned against the wall with a nonchalant look, but Dominic did not look fine. His eyes were blazing red and he lunged on me the moment I was at the edge of the bed.

I yelped and had no time to turn away as he pulled me by the waist and placed me on the bed. His lips descended on mine and I felt his tongue tasting my mouth. I moaned under the spell of his kiss.

“Bleh, gross. Get a room.” Sky said and Dominic broke the kiss. He looked past his shoulder.

“This is my room. Now get out.” he said and Sky shrugged. He held Jannet’s hand and she waved at me with a smile before stepping out of the room. The doors closed behind them automatically and I looked back at him.

He was staring down with the intensity that made my cheeks turn red every single time. I traced his chiseled jawline with my fingers, “How do you feel now?” my voice was a soft whisper and he buried his face on the crook of my neck.

“Turned on by you,” he said in his h
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goodnovel comment avatar
Third, if Av gets out of the car, there are other men who can grab her and distract Dominic. It is unnecessary trouble. Also she knows that she is not very powerful so she won't be of much help. So she sits back,not to enjoy the show but on the fact that Dominic can handle the situation much better.
goodnovel comment avatar
Second, rolling up the window is not going to help. Natalie was extremely close to her window and she has the strength to break the glass, which can hurt Av. That's why Avery called Malphus because she knows it's better to be prepared with something that is actually effective.
goodnovel comment avatar
Thank you for pointing that out. Firstly, she shared that they are being followed to Dominic who knows how to handle the situation, so she trusts his judgement and puts it before hers because she knows she might make a mistake.

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