Sweet Surrender

This time, his skillful tongue lapped at the juices that have leaked out of my love opening. He ran his tongue expertly along the wet slit in between my legs, making me moan even louder. I couldn’t stand it anymore, I wanted more of him.

My hands reached down and cupped his head before I tried to push him closer to me. My fingers ran through his dark and wet hair as I thrusted my pussy towards his face invitingly. Ace must have sensed that I needed more because in the next instance, I felt his hot and wet tongue thrusting boldly into my wet hole.

“Oh…Ahhh!” I cried out with a mix of surprise and pure bliss.

I couldn’t believe what was happening but the pleasure from his tongue wiggling inside of my love hole told me that Ace had really penetrated my cunt with his tongue. His tongue was inside of me…

Before I could get over my shock, Ace’s hands began lifting my hips up a little to angle my pussy the way that he wanted it. I felt the texture of his hot tongue rubbing against my puss
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